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Aug 10, 2004


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» Jeff Nolan on Blogs as Early Warning Systems from Unbound Spiral
I just read this interesting article in the Guardian about how blogs are becoming corporate early warning systems. This resonated with me because just this morning I had a run in with about an editorial review for a... [Read More]

» Blogs Influence Through Trust from Crossroads Dispatches
This Guardian article (via Jeff Nolan, and Jeff does some of his own word-of-mouth around Amazon) caught my eye and underscores the efficacy of bloggers for amplified word-of-mouth: Hart, however, points out that the real power of the blog does [Read More]

» Ripped off at the Ritz from Feld Thoughts
Jeff Nolan's post Blogs as Early Warning Systems inspired me to try a similar approach with a recent disappointing experience that I had at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans. I love staying at Ritz-Carlton's and - while it's often an expensive experience... [Read More]

» Blogs as Early Warning Systems: Continued from Sotto Voce
昨日取り上げたGuardian誌の記事を読んで議論を発展させているblogを2つほど発見。 一つ目はSAP VenturesのJeff Nolanで、自分とAmazonとの間であった問題(ある本に関する誤った記述を指摘した�... [Read More]


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