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May 17, 2004



Your comment about the torturing of prisoners below is disgusting. What sets us apart from Al-Qaeda is the higher standard we must follow. By writing that, you put yourself at their level, and you're not better than them. Torture is a terrible thing, no matter who's on the receiving end. You lost a reader.


sorry you disagree with my position on Al Qaeda terrorists and torture, the world is full of disagreement as it's one of the things that makes us human. If we can't rationally disagree about things and limit our actions to simply talking about it, then we really are no different than Al Queda because they would rather kill us than accept a world that doesn't conform to their views. I make no apology or smoothing over of how I feel, I think terrorists are nothing more than animals and murderers who should be hunted down one at a time and killed until every last one of them is eliminated, and if it takes a 100 years and many generations, then that's the deal.

Insofar as what makes us different from them, I think the fact that we would not fly jetliners into skyscrapers, or blow up embassies and apartment buildings is a far more meaningful differentiator. If the extreme interrogation of a crimminal like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed yields a shred of information that saves lives, then it's okay by me because in my view that thug gave up his membership in the human race.

Sorry you won't be reading my blog anymore, but I honestly don't write it for the reason of growing readership, I write this for me. I also think it's a little hypocritical for you to talk about what makes us different from them and then say in the same breath that you are turning me off because you don't agree with me. I listen to NPR every morning even though the Forum program with that smarmy Michael Krazny guy drives me frickin nuts, but I'm interested to know how people who don't agree with me think. Guess that's what makes you and I different. The world will be a small place if you only include the people who agree with you.

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